New Updates Released in Venus® Control Suite!

We released a Venus Control Suite update today, August 1, 2017.  We encourage you to continue reading and watch the videos below to learn all about the new features!

The Media Shelf header will now stay in view as you scroll. This will make it more efficient and easier for you to search for, filter, and find the content that you want to add to your playlists!

Added an unsaved changes indicator to the My Profile view. This way, you will never forget to click the Save button if/when you make changes to your Profile. This includes changing your password and updating additional contact information.

Added a remove all option to the new playlist editor. Being able to remove all the items out of a playlist at once will save you time and clicks when making changes to your playlist!

Changed the header text for display selection in the new playlist editor to “Add Displays.” This makes it a little easier to understand that you must click there to choose which display or displays you want to publish your schedule to.

Maximum ad grid slot count increased to 40. Having additional slots to choose from will give our Venus Control Suite Pro Ad-Grid users even more ad space to sell! It will also give you more control, making it easier to move sales around to ensure certain ads play back-to-back. Easy to avoid having certain advertisers content play consecutively, too. Remember, Venus Control Suite knows to skip over any empty slots, so you won’t ever have to worry about blank time out on your display.

We added all these new features to Venus Control Suite based on your  feedback! These updates are meant to make your experience in Venus Control Suite quicker and easier than ever before! We appreciate your feedback and look forward to receiving even more of it in the future.

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Thanks for reading!

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