Updated Software Features for MLB Teams

Our development team recently issued additional software updates for MLB customers for the 2017 season. These mid-season updates include:

Data Server

  • Statcast Player Metrics app that is currently used by five beta sites
  • Statcast Speed of Pitch interface with HIT timer has been added based upon customer requests
  • Trackman interface for Speed of Pitch has been added for MiLB and Independent League baseball sites
  • The way we store log files has been updated
  • File capture and packet capture capabilities

Daktronics Scoring and Timing Interface (DSTI)

  • Added six new fields:
    • Batter Strikeout Percentage
    • Batter Walk Percentage
    • Pitcher Homeruns per nine
    • Pitcher Strikeout Percentage
    • Pitcher Walk Percentage
    • Pitcher K%-BB%
  • The added fields and update are available to any MLB team.

Scorebook Generator and DakStats Baseball/Softball

  • Updated scorebook so it does not show scoring decision text due to not receiving info from DakStats for two types of bunts. This update is available to any MLB team.


  • Updated calculation of On Base Percentage. This update is available to any MLB team.

For additional 2017 updates and past updates, check out Daktronics Sports Software: What’s New? 

Our technical support teams can evaluate your equipment to determine your upgrade options. Schedule a time to begin this process by creating a new case in your MySupport account.



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