Solar Eclipse 2017 Content

Everyone’s talking about it, and it’s almost here! The Solar Eclipse 2017 is set to take place Monday, August 21 across the United States. Preparations to view it are underway! One of our very own OOH sales teammates ordered everyone glasses so we are covered here in SD. Are you ready? Are you taking advantage of this historic occasion as a topic to share on your digital billboards?

Here are some ideas to get you started:
Use this content piece that we created,

or make it your own! Use this secondary piece of content

and add the time of the eclipse in your area. Not sure when it will occur locally? Times are listed here.

Simply click here for the request form to have the content resized.

(Recommendation: we used R: 255 G: 234 B: 134 for the color – FFEA86.)

So get out there and spark some conversation before all eyes turn toward the biggest star of all.

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