Advertising Soaring to New Heights in Airports

When you hear Out of Home (OOH), chances are you think “outside,” not “inside.” Especially not in a shopping mall or a transit center, and more than likely not in an airport.

It’s true, though, some of the best new opportunities to garner attention are within travel destinations, particularly airports. So how do you go about bringing Out of Home inside?

Let’s break down the options. Each airport chooses how they want to run digital advertisement efforts. At a glance, these are the choices:

  • Hire an agency to manage advertising
  • Manage selling ad space and content themselves

The third option puts you in the driver seat, from install to final product:

  • Allow an OOH company to install a digital display and organize their own advertising efforts

Either way, the airport will get a kickback from ad revenue for providing prime advertisement real estate.

The overall goal is to present an opportunity for OOH advertising within a newly recognized space. With the number of passengers airports see each year, it makes sense to jump at catching the public’s eyes and dollars, or introducing your brand. If people have time on their hands, they want to be entertained, educated or presented an opportunity to do a little shopping, whether online or in person.

So, what does typical content look like in an airport? Anything from local attractions to brand awareness to community bulletins, retail advertisements, fundraising campaigns and educational information —the sky is quite literally the limit at these facilities.

Have we piqued your interest? We have more than just advice to share. Daktronics team has decades of experience in the industry, working on projects as large as LAX to as close to home in South Dakota. We have the resources and team to help us get it done. Want a little inspiration? Head over here and let your mind soar with the possibilities.

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