Media Flocks To Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened their doors to the media last week Tuesday, August 15, to share the technological aspects of the new venue as well as culinary aspects, club and suite features, and more. As the LED display manufacturer of the Halo, Mega Column, Feather Wall and more, Daktronics had representation at the event.

CEO and President Reece Kurtenbach and National Sales Manager Brent Stevens arrived at the stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, early that morning for a quick briefing on the day’s planned events. They shook hands with many executives and integral people involved with the stadium from the CEO of AMB Group to the stadium’s director of game presentation – a powerful showing of support for the stadium and a project that had been years in the making.

“When you walk into the stadium from the main gate entrance, the first things you see are the Mega Column display and the Feather Wall display,” Brent said remembering his experience. “Then you continue around the corner and see the Halo – it’s truly an impressive entrance to the stadium. It really blows you away.”

A behind-the-scenes tour of the technology was the first part of the three-part media tour that day. People were able to get a good look at the nuts and bolts of the technology that drives the stadium. Next up was a general tour to provide a good overview of the entire stadium. Later in the afternoon, the focus turned to the club and suite spaces as well as culinary aspects that add to the entertainment of attending an event.

Stemming from the technology tour, many comments were made about the LED displays. Brent recalled some of the comments he heard that morning:

“The first thing that was said in the main entrance was that the 4-millimeter Feather Wall display is awesome. Some people thought it was a static banner until the content changed. It really speaks to how great that display turned out. We heard from our customer that they are excited to wow fans with the way they intend to program this display. It’s really a unique feature and a great use of space in the stadium.”feather-wall-display-2.jpg

The world’s largest video scoreboard received its fair share of attention during the event as media were constantly looking up to the roof during the tours.

“The Halo is amazing. It’s so big, but it’s also used appropriately in that setting,” Brent said. “We’ve heard that in certain instances displays can get too big and are sort of in your face, interfering with the experience. That’s certainly not the case here. The Halo is large but fits within its environment to enhance the game-day experience without being intrusive. The plans of the production team for content, production, and pregame and postgame features will bring an amazing experience to fans that they truly won’t be able to get anywhere else.”

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Asked about his overall experience that day, Brent said, “It was great to be there to support our customer. The sheer size of the stadium is impressive. It’s going to be a great place to take in a game.”


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