Unprecedented Mounting Flexibility—Galaxy® GS6 Displays


Galaxy® GS6 flexible mounting options

Your customers will love how sleek the latest generation of Galaxy® products look. The Galaxy GS6 features the flexibility to place displays where most beneficial, providing a more aesthetically pleasing sign structure.

As always, when customers want double-sided signage, you can offer them a 2V Galaxy GS6 display from Daktronics. In the past, you would position these 2 cabinets back-to-back with varying space between them. However, the space needed for the quick connects and j-box located on the back of the cabinets limited how close together you could place them.

Now, we’ve  implemented a way to narrow the standard back-to-back method to appear similar to a true, double-face design, as compact as 11 inches in depth. If you’re familiar with our 3550 Series double-faced cabinet, you’ll know how popular this look is.

Use the step-by-step instructions in the “Internal Connection Conversion Quick Guide.” It shows how to relocate the signal quick connections and power J-box internally so the Galaxy GS6 cabinets can be placed nearly flat against each other. This narrow configuration allows mounting between narrow pole structures, providing a clean, professional look to your installation.

This flexibility includes other mounting concepts, such as flush against the wall.

Other GS6 features that make installation easier include:

  • Quick connections for power.
  • Single-step module removal—just turn the wrench.
  • Mounting clips increase mounting flexibility.

This Galaxy series combines money-saving practical features with aesthetics—benefits to you and your customers.




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