Bracing for Hurricane Harvey

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and Hurricane Harvey sounds like it will live up to the hype. Digital billboards can be a very effective tool to quickly disseminate weather and safety information to the masses. But, at what point do you turn from messaging to protecting your display?

Daktronics created a best practices procedure to ensure your displays are prepared as much as possible for such a powerful weather event.

Display Priority Spreadsheet

Start by creating a spreadsheet that lists all your displays. This will help track and prioritize hurricane preparation for each location. Make sure the spreadsheet is easy to modify based on the hurricane’s path. This will allow you to quickly send information for multiple sites to Daktronics before a hurricane.

Include the following on your spreadsheet:

  • Contact information
  • Site address
  • Panel numbers/names
  • GPS coordinates

If you find you have any questions, please contact your Account Service Manager who will be more than happy to help. Stay safe out there!

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