Student Recognition: Minute of Fame

When it comes to school, you want your students to feel welcome, cared for and safe. So why not go the extra mile? And we’re not talking about a pat on the back after a successful test. Let’s look into some ways you can put your content to use on your video display.


Create fun content to share students’ birthdays with the rest of the school. You can simply create a list of names or have students submit a baby photo with a current photo to show the transformation over the years. There are some creative ways to go about this – have fun with it and your students will too!



Share photos and names of the homecoming royalty with content ready to go to congratulate the homecoming king and queen when they’re crowned. You can do the same thing for when prom comes around the corner. Students will love being featured on the display for the whole school to see.


CONGRATSFarmington High School_Farmington, MO_BB video_congrats seniors.jpg

Academic achievements should be recognized not only in the classroom but by the school. Feature new honor society members, club achievements and scholarship nominees on your display. Students may find the motivation to work harder knowing they have the opportunity to see their name on the screen.

Has your school done something similar and received a great reaction from the student body? We want to hear your story.

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