Mid-American Conference: clock changes

This football season, the Mid-American Conference is requiring the time out clock be visible on the scoreboard/video display during media time outs. Daktronics users have multiple options to help in accomplishing this.

Create a countdown as a file for playback on your video display. This method is likely the easiest for execution during games. Create a video (AVI for DMP-7000 or MP4 for DMP-8000) that features a countdown timer to be played back on a window or zone on your display. Depending on the configuration of your system, you may opt to show the clock in a dedicated zone or as an overlay over other content. With this method, the AllSport operator position remains unaffected and the Show Control or Venus 7000 operator is responsible for the time out clock.

Utilize the Time Out Time RTD field (field #10) from the AllSport 5000. This method requires quick thinking and operation from the AllSport operator in that the time out length must be customized on-the-fly in the menu of the AllSport. When a media time out is taken, the time out time must be changed to reflect the time out, then started. The display (Show Control or Venus-7000 operator) may then play the RTD file to place the clock on the display. Upon the completion of the time out, the AllSport menu must be set back to the standard 0:30. Keep in mind that when the number and length are changed for this purpose, and other visible GIP that contains this data will be affected.

Clock via Front-End-Video system. If this method is used, a clock may be generated within the front-end video system (typically through a character generator or clip server) and played back into the program feed and into the Daktronics system. With this method, the feed (typically Program) must remain visible on the display for the duration of the time out.

To learn more about your options for displaying time out time, reach out to Professional.Services@daktronics.com.



Authored by Adam – Control System Specialist (Operations).

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