Friday Night Lights

You’ve been waiting for it. The band has been practicing and the team has been scrimmaging. The gates are open and your senses engage. Smell the grass, feel the rumble of the crowd stomping their feet on the bleachers, hear the roar of the cheering fans, taste the popcorn and watch the scoreboard light up as the pigskin flies. It’s time for Friday night lights, y’all!

In fact, many schools are beginning their 2018 football season with new Daktronics video displays to enhance the game day experience for everyone ­—
112 schools, to be exact!

FB installs 2FB installs 2FB installs 3.jpg
Check out some of our past installs for inspiration

Follow our series #FridayNightLights on Twitter and Facebook to see some of our highlight videos of our #DakSchools using their displays for game night.

Why are so many schools jumping into the video display world?
There are lots of reasons! Video offers advantages such as:

  • live action shots
  • instant replays
  • player profiles
  • digital sponsor ads
  • time out entertainment
  • halftime show highlights
  • national anthem decorum
  • cheerleader and mascot footage
  • … the list is endless


How are so many schools updating to video each year?

Daktronics Sports Marketing partners with schools to locate and secure sponsorships in their communities to help fund their displays. Through sports marketing efforts, you can make sure that all donations match or exceed the payments for your equipment. All extra proceeds can go straight back into your program. No guessing game. Our sports marketing team will meet with you before installing equipment so you can rest easy knowing all your sponsor spots are filled.

Interested in learning how to make it happen at your school? Fill out our contact form and your local Daktronics Sports Marketing rep will show you what is possible in your neck of the woods with their local experience. No obligation, just a chance to show you how excited we are to continue making this happen at schools around the nation. What are you waiting for?

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