Trackman Pitch Speed and Exit Velocity integration is available!

Earlier this year, we collaborated with Trackman to develop a new interface and integration solution for Trackman data, which is now network based. We are excited to announce that we are ready to begin integration and deployment of this new data type at all MiLB sites and NCAA schools that utilize the Trackman system.This new integration and interface requires that the Trackman computer and Daktronics control system is on the same network subnet/vlan or that traffic can freely pass between both endpoints. This will ensure that UDP traffic originating at the Trackman computer can reach the Daktronics systems. There are many ways this can be achieved and will depend on the site/network configuration, your regional applications engineer can help answer questions from you or your IT staff about the required setup.

Please email for more information and details on this new exciting data opportunity.

Greg Fleischbein
Daktronics Applications Engineer



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