What’s new for Daktronics Control Systems for Fall 2017

This year Daktronics has released very anticipated features for our Control Systems to enhance & streamline the customers video board show. These features were announced at the annual IDEA conference. Don’t worry if you missed IDEA this year, you don’t have to miss out on the new features.

Daktronics Show Control software.

Trigger Widget-Available in Show Control to provide a more collaborative environment for hybrid control solutions.  It allows Daktronics to receive triggers from 3rd party devices (such as a switcher), but also allows for Show Control to trigger other front end video equipment. This provides a better variable solution to fit your game production workflow.

Zone Transitions-A new feature that helps create a more broadcast-like viewing experience with smooth fades and dissolves between “looks” and content. This can be achieved on any display and within any zone and is configured within the button settings in the Show Control.

Check out the transitions in use at the Stub Hub Center:

Content Layering-Creates broadcast-like viewing experience with depth/3D feel to your presentations for graphics, transitions, branding, and crowd prompts. Animated or static content can be created as a QuickTime + Alpha file and positioned accordingly in your comp space for the zone or display.

Shrink to Fit-Helps to avoid awkward visual representations of “chopped off” data fields, team names, fantasy stats, etc. can now have a clean look throughout the show. Not only does it make your font fit but it also would allow you to use a bigger font. The Text Fit and Word wrapping in Content Studio video demonstrates how to use this feature.

Webpage Playback-Seamlessly incorporate social media, weather, the latest updates from games occurring simultaneously around the league and other live web page data/graphics onto multiple displays throughout a venue.  Learn more about this feature by watching this Daktronics YouTube video on how to create and trigger files to play web pages on your DMP-8000 controlled display.

Enhanced Dynamic Content-A new way to display data by utilizing more animated transitions and effects that can either be triggered by data coming in or with a button in Show Control. This allows you to draw viewers’ attention to certain elements more than in the past as well, dynamically changing colors and logos. This would also provide a great way to introduce a fresh take some sponsored elements like a strike out meter or 50/50 raffle.

Interested in these new features and want to hear more about how to implement them in your system? Email Professional.Services@Daktronics.com to get started on spicing up your next video board show with our technical and creative team.

This post was written by Melissa, a Daktronics Control Room Specialist

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