Inside the Reliability Lab: Testing for Display Transport

When people think of product reliability, they often think it involves just testing for conditions the display will experience after it’s up and running. What many people don’t think of is reliability during shipping to site. If products aren’t designed to withstand shipping vibration, both by truck and by air, these conditions can cause a myriad of problems: parts shaking loose, metal fatigue to structural components, shearing of fasteners, and power/signal connector damage (fretting).

Luckily, we have a solution to test product reliability during shipment! Our Electro-Dynamic Shaker (EDS) System can simulate both truck and air vibration, as well as simulate repetitive shocks caused by drops and impacts.


Electro-Dynamic Shaker (EDS) System

It can also be useful to find any destructive resonant frequencies within products, helping engineers to design more robust products. The EDS is capable of testing to most transportation vibration standards (ASTM, NEMA, ISTA ,JDEC, etc.), and we can customize profiles to fit certain shipping parameters. Take a look at a cabinet door test in progress below:


Want to see the EDS system and more reliability testing in person? Tour our lab facilities in Brookings, South Dakota.


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