New Creative Options for Displaying NFL Out-of-town Scores

This season, the NFL Out-of-town or OOT Graphics Generator has introduced 3 new options that will allow for more creativity when displaying updates throughout the league.

The latest version allows users to:

  • Rotate the field and images 90 degrees for a vertical layout.
  • Show an overhead view of the field with the end zone logos facing towards the field.
  • Designate more or less space in your end zones for team logos as compared to the rest of the field.

These features require Data Server with the NFL OOT Graphic Output version 4.0.17 and above.  If you already have these versions, we have knowledge base articles that describe how to configure each of the above items.

Want to learn more?

The NFL OOT Graphics Generator allows teams to show fans the status of out of town games through drive chart imagery.  For an overview of this functionality, watch this video.

If you are interested in learning more about obtaining these features, please email






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