School is in full swing, and so are sporting events! It’s time to turn on the lights, strike up the band and cheer the team on to a victory! If your teams share one sporting field, managing the schedule can get a little hairy, not to mention the scoreboard and all the different statistics to track. What’s a solution to keep everything straight? How about something that can be used universally for sports? A video display!

MISD Multisport

You may have seen one in action, but not noticed all the different functionalities. We get it — it’s hard to pay close attention when you’re stomping your feet, chanting with the crowd and high-fiving your neighbor. That’s where we come in. We will show you how the display is customizable for each sport, and the best part is, you don’t have to set it up each time.

When an operator begins to set up the display’s interface, they can establish each sport taking place on the field. Within each sport, users then set up each feature they’d like to see appear on the board. From time outs left to goals and everything in between, it’s really up to you and what you prefer.

Once set up is complete and game day approaches, simply log in like usual and select the sporting event to occur. Done! (It’s seriously that simple.) We thought it’d be good to get an outside take on the experience, so we chatted with Josh Smith, the activities director at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (MISD) to see what his experience has been like working with a Daktronics video board.

“The system is pretty seamless. Everything is arranged within the computer. You just fire it up and pick your sport. We run football, lacrosse and soccer on the same field. At first, the board may look intimidating and complicated, but once you’re familiar with the interface, it’s simple to use. The setup is arranged in a way that the user can quickly become familiar with the board.” – Josh Smith

Josh also commented that they use other facilities for their varsity programs, 29 in all, so it’s a good opportunity to promote additional events happening around school. It seems that the display meets approval all around; he’s had opponents come up to him and share their appreciation for seeing their school’s children up on the big screen, as well.

Ease of use, happiness of both sides of the field and a smart way to utilize shared space — sounds like a win to us.

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