Don’t Miss A Moment

Every moment matters in a game. One moment can change the whole game around in a matter of seconds. Why risk missing that due to computer failure? Well, you don’t have to as long as you upgrade your control system and always have your backup system at the ready.

One of our product managers, Chris Westerman, explains the aging of our control systems and the effect it can have on your system as a whole.Westerman_Chris_02019

“As computers age, so does their ability to run properly. They don’t necessarily quit working, but they do perform less reliably. The control system that runs your display is no different. We recommend upgrading your control system and purchasing a backup control system to ensure you don’t miss a game,” said Westerman


Each part of your control system plays an important role, so we suggest upgrading all your control equipment, if possible, in your press box. This includes your laptop or touchsmart that runs Show Control, the player (DMP) and the processor (VIP). We recommend doing this every 5 years. There is a chance your system will run for 10 years, but past experience tells us 5 years is your safest bet.


It’s not necessary, but we highly recommend it. Your backup system is always live alongside your primary system. This enables you to easily switch which one is sending information to your display without the risk of losing saved content or missing an event.


Don’t wait until the game-winning move takes place and your display goes blank. Don’t wait until you try to start your control system up and nothing happens. Get ahead of the game and upgrade your control system and invest in a backup system. The sooner you do, the better for you.

We build our systems to last, but we know issues can arise and want to help you minimize the risk of a blank screen in the middle of your game. After all, we know it all comes down to what happens on game day.

Contact your local sales representative for more information on upgrading your control system today.
Not sure who your local rep is? Find out at

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