Tips to Develop a New Revenue Stream for Your Business

Have you sold a Galaxy® eCCB yet? The potential customer base is huge, because your prospective buyers include anyone using a manually changeable copy board!

We designed and built this product for customers interested in an LED sign, but not necessarily one with all the bells and whistles. Owners operate the eCCB from inside, out of the weather, and the messages always look great.

“My son operates the sign. He says it’s as fast and easy as texting.”
—Ray Mering, owner, Jamestown, North Dakota

Sales Expo 2017_ (3 of 3)

Here are three eCCB sales strategies to help you take advantage of this great niche. They also might help you develop your own strategies. Selling eCCBs will create a profitable revenue stream for your business. 

1. Call on those locations with run-down manual signs and stale content.

Some people don’t want an electronic sign because they think they’re too expensive and too hard to run. Introduce them to the eCCB’s affordability and easy control by sharing:

2. Be alert to those customers open to buying an LED sign, but who are unaware of an entry-level electronic sign on the market.

Discover if the eCCB is your customer’s best option by asking the following questions. You don’t want them to be disappointed with their purchase!

  • What is your budget?
  • What are your expectations?
  • Full features or text only?
  • Will you have the time to keep messages fresh if you had a full-feature sign?
  • Can you get a permit?

3. Get away from project-specific installation.

When your eCCB orders increase, install all eCCBs the first week of every month. Sell throughout the month, order displays at the end of the month, receive them the next month, and install them all in a day.

Benefits of this strategy:

  1. Load the truck with all necessary tools and equipment just once.
  2. Hire an electrician for a day instead of multiple times.
  3. Streamline the process. All the experience will help your technicians streamline the process.

Final point

Don’t forget that the eCCB gives you a great opportunity to upsell. If not this time, maybe in the future. Once comfortable with the entry-level display you sold them, your customer may order a full-featured LED sign from you in the future.

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