User Operates More Than 500 Displays; Loves the Software’s Latest Updates

Kwik-Trip-blog-textWe updated our Venus® Control Suite software recently, and we’ve already heard from a happy user!

Jonathan Steede oversees more than 500 displays for Kwik Trip. He works with 7 to 9 different sizes, both mono and full color. To accommodate such a wide variety of options, he uses 50 to 60 playlists. So, it’s easy to understand why he appreciates an update that makes creating playlists faster than ever.

“The schedule feature allows me to duplicate schedules without creating new ones from scratch. Once they’re set for each store, I create a grand opening playlist, create duplicates the rest of the year, and edit the specials,” he says.

He told us the new playlist upgrade also is extremely helpful for managing grand opening sites.

Each time Kwik Trip acquires a new location, before the displays are even shipped, Steede uploads the opening date, three pieces of content, and job opportunities. The content runs on the sign weeks before the network is installed onsite.

Another important new feature is worry-free playlist editing. In the former playlist, when the user dragged content into active, it would shoot out to the sign.

“It’s a nice thing that now I can edit content inside of a playlist before publishing it,” he says.

We asked Steede as a controller of more than 500 displays, what further improvements should we make to Venus Control Suite?

“The software already has every feature on my wish list. I spend a lot of time digging into in-store signage, so I’m exposed to a lot of other platforms. Venus Control Suite is very user-friendly. One of our graphic designers picked up running the software in a couple of minutes,” says Steede.

We want all our software users to have a great experience. These recent updates are our response to your feedback.

Contact us and view more product details on our website at

Access the blog post “Opt-In to the Redesigned Playlist Editor!”

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