As basketball season is approaching, we wanted to share some creative ways to add style to your basketball data with media RTD.  Many teams use media RTD to display team logos and player graphics. What else can you do with it?

Our Control Room Specialists mentioned that timeouts and possession indicators are a creative way to add more personality to your data presentation.

Here is how it is done:


Timeouts are typically, brightly colored dashes or shapes are used as the indicators for time outs on top of solid colored backgrounds. Often, place holders for used time outs will be slightly greyed out or darkened to indicate where they will go.

For directions on how to set this up, refer to How to Create Media RTD for Time Outs, DD3619404.

Possession Indicators

For basketball and football, icons can indicate possession instead of < and > indicators. The football/basketball will fill in the placeholder depending on which team has possession as it is entered the All Sport console.

For directions on how to set this up, refer to How to Create Media RTD for Possession Indicators, DD3619511.

This feature is intended to be used with Show Control with either DMP-7000 or DMP-8000 Players. The data source can be the All Sport 5000 or most other timing/statistic programs that interface with Daktronics Show Control System.

These pieces of media can be easily changed out to accommodate special events or marketing campaigns. For help with making your display come alive with data elements, reach out to for more ideas.

This post is by Danielle, Daktronics Trainer.

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