A new feature in Show Control’s Display Studio script buttons allows operators to do more with one click.

Many of today’s control systems are a combination of Daktronics and Ross Video gear.  We know how valuable it is to be able to streamline workflow and deliver amazing shows.  This new development provides the ability for Display Studio to control Ross devices in addition to Daktronics players and processors.  This gives complete control from the easy to use Display Studio user interface.

Show Control Version 2.3 or above has a new script line that allows commands to be sent to specific Ross Video Gear.  Supported Commands include: CLRA, CLFB, CUE, GPI, GPO, SWAP, TAKE, DOWN, UP, FOCUS, NEXT, READ, RESUME, SEQI,  and SEQO.

Read this knowledge base article for steps: How to create Display Studio scripts that send commands to Ross gear?

Find out if the latest version of Show Control would help you streamline your show by emailing Professional.Services@Daktronics.com .

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