It’s that time of year – college basketball has finished up with exhibition games and the regular season starts this weekend. With all the basketball excitement going on, I wanted to talk about a trend that has been happening in college basketball facilities around the country. What do you think of when you hear of a “centerhung” display system? Is it something that is big that hangs from the roof/ceiling of an arena that is home to a professional sports team and has a lot of displays on it? Well, what if I told you that this isn’t the only option when considering a centerhung display system for your venue and that there is lighter and more cost-effective solution? It’s common to think of something that has four sides, ribbon displays and, as of late, displays underneath for those sitting closer to the action. This is not always the case…

LMU_Basketball_Centerhung 2.jpg

Recently, Daktronics has engineered a centerhung solution that fits the needs of other arenas that may not be able to support the weight, size or cost of those larger 4-sided centerhungs. Here are the top 3 reasons that you should consider a centerhung display system for your school despite the size of your facility:

  1. More cost effective
    One of the top reasons why some customers don’t even think about a centerhung display system for their facility is that it looks expensive and they’re worried that they won’t have room in their budget for something like this. When you go from a typical 4-sided centerhung to a 2-sided solution, you’re cutting down on a number of displays that are on it. This, in turn, will cut down the price significantly. This is extremely useful if your facility is on a tight budget.
  2. Less weight
    Some facilities are unique in design and don’t have the structure set up to support a large 4-sided centerhung. By cutting down the number of displays, it also cuts down the overall weight which allows these venues to have a centerhung  where they previously could not.
  3. Fit in any size venue, big or small.
    Due to the size of some venues, a traditional centerhung display system simply is not an option. This can be because of the sheer size of the venue or how close the seats are to the playing surface. Sometimes, there aren’t any seats on the ends of the court so there’s no reason to have a 4-sided centerhung when two of the displays will be facing the wall and not towards spectators and fans. If your facility does have seating on both ends, you can also use end wall displays to ensure that nobody is missing out on the action.

UMass_Mullins Center

To get some ideas on what other schools are doing with centerhung displays of all shapes and sizes, check out the Project Gallery on our website.


This article is by Matt Anderson
in Live Events Marketing.
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