A centerhung is often the focal point of a stadium because it allows spectators to see the action from every seat. They can all be designed differently depending on the needs of the venue.  Occasionally they can be used to show one full video image around the entire structure or more frequently the same content is repeated on each face.

Amway Center

An event producer may run into specific scenarios that require some faces of the centerhung to be blank.  This might be needed if there is a performance at one end of the stadium.  To avoid distractions, performers/speaker may prefer the side of the centerhung facing them to be blank.

Blanking and enabling faces can be done through your display interface.  If you use VIP-4060’s and need to blank a specific face of your centerhung, follow this knowledge base article: VIP-4060 Face Control – How to control (enable/disable) individual display faces.

The way faces are controlled often depends on your control system and how your centerhung was designed.  If you are interested in streamlining the way you can enable/disable faces, email professional.services@Daktronics.com.




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