Daktronics is proud to offer facility tours to potential and existing customers who want to peek under the hood. iDIGITAL, an Out of Home Advertising Agency, recently stopped by to see the inner cogs of Daktronics and dig into some topics they deal with every day: the legal team and local codes. Andy Solheim, iDIGITAL CEO, and Paul Hilt, iDIGITAL VP of Sales, shared their perspectives with us.

Andy: Touring the plant and the corporate office in Brookings really stood out to me from the trip. It’s great to see how everything is manufactured, and the people were friendly.

Paul: One of the reasons we chose to purchase with Daktronics is the help from the legal team in vetting new potential locations with us. There is an ease in which we are able to do business with Daktronics.

Andy: Another reason we chose Daktronics is because we felt they have the best product in the market at a competitive price. The assistance with local codes? You only find that help offered through Daktronics. It was a huge help!

Paul: We loved seeing the new video wallscapes and the digital street furniture on our tour. I know the feedback we’ve received on our newest location has also been great. It’s hard to miss that board as you cross the South Dakota/North Dakota border!

Andy: Daktronics is known as a top-notch company with great products and an even better sales and technical support team. And we have received great feedback on our 20 x 60 billboard we installed. Customers are in awe of the size and clarity achieved on a billboard that large.

Paul: Our experience has been fantastic, and we look forward to a long-term relationship with Daktronics as we build out our footprint.

We welcome anyone interested in learning more about Daktronics and touring the facility. Let’s set up a time to meet!

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