In an effort to produce more resources and tutorials for high school parks and rec customers, The Control System Specials team has created new how to videos for the most common use cases in Content Studio.

Dak Control Panel YouTube.jpg

On the Daktronics Control Systems YouTube page, you will find 3 new videos on some of the most popular questions asked. These videos include Editing Custom Headshot Templates, How to Create Message Graphics, and How to Create a Sponsor Roll.  Below you will find brief descriptions and tips for each video.

Editing Custom Headshot Templates

Custom headshots graphics can easily be created and edited within Content Studio.  Player headshots provide a nice feature to starting lineups or scoring plays.  All you need is a custom background graphic, player photographs, and the text box feature.  You also have the option to add Real-Time-Data if that is included in your system.  This video shows the best practice for how to import and layout all of your elements together.  Inside Content Studio, you can adjust fonts and texts to best match your colors and brand.  With this tutorial, you can follow along using your own custom backgrounds provided by Daktronics.

Editing Headshot.jpg

How To Create Message Graphics

Custom message graphics can be used in a variety of ways, such as to show group welcomes, trivia, or happy birthday messages.  This video shows you how to create a message graphic inside content studio, and how to edit existing graphics.  It will show you step-by-step how to import your graphic and layer your text on-top of it.  You can add multiple graphic side by side to have them loop if you are trying to create a message roll.  Or, you can edit text on the fly for things like contests, or 50/50 raffles.

Creating Message Graphics.jpg


How to Create a Sponsor Roll

                Sponsor rolls are a great addition to any video board display.  This video will walk you through how to create one by importing backgrounds and sponsor logos.  When creating these rolls, it is best to ask for high resolution logos from your sponsors in the size of the window you are playing them to.   Then you can import them into content studio, adjust the size, or add a background if need be.  This tutorial will also demonstrate how to add multiple logos to the loop utilizing the add layout feature.  Timing and transitions can also be adjusted inside your playlist to get your desired look.

Sponsor Roll


We hope you find these tutorials helpful for integrating these features into your show.  For more ways to utilize your system, check out our Standard Video Tips and Tricks Knowledge Base Article.

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