Motorsports users! New features that can be used for any race result software system that Daktronics interfaces with are available for the 2018 season.

Honor one last lap for a retiring driver or create a memorial for a driver by using tribute mode Daktronics Motorsports Interface.

tribute mode

This feature allows operators to display a specific car number on all positions of a pylon on a specific lap. This would be configured before the race, and the operator does not need to worry about turning it on or off during the event. Instructions for using this feature are in this Knowledge Base article.


How to create a decibel meter effect on a pylon?

Use the visual effects button to create little zipper effect on the scoreboard that moves up and down like a noise-o-meter. This can be done prior to the race when the drivers are starting their engines. The instructions for using this feature are in this Knowledge Base article.  

These features were introduced in Daktronics Motorsports Interface version 4.1. For more on Motorsports system support, check out our support pages on

If you want assistance with adding new elements to your show, visit our Professional Services page to submit your contact information.

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