We’ve worked hard to develop products that meet specific c-store needs. For example, the highly visible Fuelight™ 3000/4500 digit displays and Cash/Credit displays interface with leading PoS systems.

Recently, we improved these products by strengthening their reliability and longevity. What is this latest upgrade?

The displays now leave the manufacturing floor with a powder-coat finish that’s tougher than conventional paint. A powder-coat finish provides:

  • Durability in harsh environments.
  • Withstanding prolonged sun exposure.
  • Impact and scratch resistance.
  • Little to no release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.

You’ll also notice we paint the interior cabinets and screen print the product labels onto the displays.

Take advantage of all the opportunities this growing niche offers your company! The total count of c-stores in America has increased by 63% over the last three decades. The latest NACS/Nielsen Convenience Store Industry Store Count is 154,535.*

Visit the daktronics.com/petroleum and discover support in addition to our digit displays—such as, indoor digital signage, sales literature and c-store-specific content for message centers.

*“U.S. Convenience Stores Continue to Grow,” NACS, February 2, 2017 <http://www.convenience.org/Media/Press_Releases/2017/Pages/PR020217-2.aspx#.Wk_dud-nFhE>

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