Building on Success

With over a dozen Daktronics digital billboards in play in the tri-state area, owner Doug Muth knows a thing or two about the industry. Hear what he has to say about staying current with trends and why he has continued to choose Daktronics displays for the past decade.

Doug Muth, owner of (also known as O2 Media) came to Daktronics roughly 10 years ago to purchase three digital billboards. He installed them around the Sioux Falls area and sold digital advertising slots for local businesses and organizations to garner high visibility.

Fast forward 10 years. Business is booming, with no sign of slowing down. Doug has purchased over a dozen Daktronics displays for his business and couldn’t be happier. With so much industry experience in an ever-changing world of technology, we wanted to see just what brought Doug to Daktronics, what keeps him a loyal customer and what words of wisdom he has for those in the business. Have a listen to his testimony firsthand here and find out what was a major selling point for this Midwest business.


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