4 Easy Steps to Ensure Your Display is Baseball Ready

With Baseball season starting, it’s time to fire up your video display for the year. But first, a system check is necessary. If your service agreement includes an annual system check, you might be covered. If not, here are four things to consider to ensure your display is in peak condition.

  1. Perform a visual inspection – For your video, fixed digit and audio systems, visually inspect each system for signs of seasonal damage or loose wires. Listen for any damage, such as a non-functioning cooling fan. If your audio system is a point source system, access the inside to ensure no critters have made their way in during the off-season and clean any filters, if necessary.
  2. Do a check of audio – After you’ve completed a thorough visual inspection, power on your system. Play test content and walk the stadium to listen for audio in all seating areas. Startup and shutdown procedures are documented in your service agreement, but can also be found in your manual on our website.
  3. Review your system check guidelines – Review Product Maintenance Guides regularly to guarantee you’re taking proper care of your displays.
  4. Ensure your display has been cleaned, if needed – Over time, particles in the air collect on the display face. Display cleaning ensures image quality is at its best. If your display needs cleaning, contact your service representative today.

If you have questions or concerns about season preparation, create a new case in your MySupport account today so our team can assist.

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