Church Installs Reliable LED Sign

Campbell United Methodist Church wanted their next sign to have reliable after-the-sale support. See how Daktronics was able to help.

Campbell United Methodist Church, Springfield, Missouri, recently installed a Daktronics LED sign. “We’re very happy to have a sign that works,” says Misty Brown, church administrator.

After-the-Sale Support

The church wanted their next sign to have reliable customer service. “People suggested several LED sign providers. But the local Daktronics rep took time to come to join our meetings with the sign company to help answer our questions,” Brown says. “He was very helpful.”

The rep explained that Campbell Methodist could rely on licensed area field techs for after-the-sale support. The church was especially happy to hear about the 5-Year parts warranty that includes phone technical support, parts ordering, onsite labor and preventative maintenance. More support came when the church’s display operator took software training.

Reaching the community

The new sign attracts visitors. “We see new people in our Monday services. We know it’s from the sign and Facebook. Those are the only ways these visitors could’ve known about the special meetings,” says Brown.

Accessing the software from anywhere

The church also uses the sign to promote service times and their social media. “It’s easy to keep the messages fresh when it can be done remotely—you don’t have to be at the church to program the sign,” she says.

The new sign is making it easier for the staff at Campbell United Methodist Church to share their message with the community.

For more information on LED Signs for Worship, visit

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