New Fuel Price Capability for Galaxy® GS6 Displays Attractive to C-Stores

In this thriving niche, fuel retailers need to differentiate from their competition. Our new Fuel Price Data Kit does just that.

The new Fuel Price Data Kit allows c-store operators to display current fuel prices on their Galaxy® GS6 display. They can even show a fuel price AND an in-store promotional item simultaneously, on a single display.

Each Fuel Price Data Kit order comes with a template and one-on-one webinar training. Other benefits give your customers the ability to:

  • Create content quickly and efficiently.
  • Store up to five fuel grades in the handheld controller
  • Update prices without an internet connection.
  • Mirror price changes in the PoS using the optional interface

The Fuel Price Data Kit is also compatible with Galaxy DVX-1830 outdoor 10 millimeter displays.

Three ways your customers can use the Fuel Price Data Kit

Share the information below with prospective customers. This data shows your clients how using the Fuel Price Data Kit will boost profits.

  1. Surveys reveal that when a c-store doesn’t have outdoor pricing for diesel, E-85 or E-15, users drive right past the store. That’s because not all retailers offer these products. Customers look for a sign advertising the product before stopping to fill up. *

    This information reveals that simply posting the prices for these specialty fuels will impact sales. Point out to your customer that with the Fuel Price Data Kit, they don’t need to install more digit displays. Now, it’s possible to run current fuel prices on the LED sign.

  1. Next, it appears that fuel retailers don’t have enough sign space to promote their inventory:
  • 49% of survey respondents post only 2 commodities on the outdoor sign
  • 28% post 3 commodities
  • Only 14% run 4 or more
  • Single-store owners are twice as likely to promote only 1 commodity. *

    The data kit opens plenty of room for specialty fuel promotion, while also promoting in-store items to stir up impulse buying.

  1. Another tip—talk to your customers about using an LED sign to not only promote in-store items, but special offers, too. Motorists will pull in when they see a free car wash with a fuel purchase or lower prices when paid in cash.


In this thriving niche, fuel retailers need to differentiate from their competition. Show them how Daktronics products can help: “Digital Displays for the Petroleum Industry.”


* Red Light. Green Light. How Fuel Price Signs and Color Impact Buyer Behavior. 2018

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