School Pride Through Branded Content

Each school has a specific color scheme, song and mascot, establishing the basics of a brand. Why not carry that branding through your game day production for maximum fan impact?

Why bother with school-branded content? It provides a better game day experience and amps up school spirit seeing your school’s colors and logo come to life! When you put recognizable imagery on the board, it catches your audience’s eyes.

Backgrounds and Transitions
Incorporate your school’s look and feel into your content through backgrounds, crowd prompts, head shots and transitions. Keeping your content branded helps drive school pride.




Rule of thumb: don’t loop content, as that is typically ignored.


Consider what fonts and typographic styling to use, such as color treatment and fading. When you build pieces, make them easy to customize to save time in the future for reusing existing materials. A branding guide for anyone creating content outlining these elements is very helpful.


Music also plays a role in the game day atmosphere. Pick a selection that fits your audience and new or old trends. Consistent tunes teach the crowd what to do. The school song builds home team morale.


Make sure your sound system is as impressive as your display.
Did you know Daktronics offers indoor and outdoor sound systems
that integrate with your display?


Traditions have to start somewhere. Think beyond your favorite cheer and incorporate in-game activities and keep running challenges for your fans to look forward to. Whether a dance cam get them to their feet, or “whose smile is this” featuring teachers gets everyone talking.


Marketing and promotions
Beyond helping local sponsors, ads can even play a part in getting the crowd fired up while showcasing school colors. This allows your sponsors to promote their school pride. The more interaction you have, the more response you will see and hear, and the more visual recognition will take place.



Build your branding strategically into hype videos, player intros, replays and stats.


Building your content offers a stream of options from game to game. Just like team practice, successful content and branding begins before the game.

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