Display Calibration: What is it and why calibrate?

At Daktronics, we recognize the demand for a smooth display appearance and our service team uses a variety of processes to meet these expectations through display calibration.

What is LED calibration and why should I calibrate my display?

All LED technology slowly dims and degrades over time. Each LED can degrade at a different rate which then affects display uniformity. LEDs can vary dramatically in the rate of degradation due to display content, dimming settings and environment. Due to natural LED degradation, the new module may appear brighter than surrounding modules and produce undesirable bright spots. These degrade image quality and uniformity by creating a grainy image. However, our LED calibration process remedies these effects.

How it works

With module calibration, our operator moves the calibration crosshairs to the affected region and begins the calibration process, lightening or darkening the selected area until it matches the surrounding area. A display can also be calibrated using a high-resolution digital camera, image processing software and pixel-level calibration tools to adjust the intensities of each individual LED.


Interested in scheduling a calibration for your display? Contact your Account Service Manager.

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