How do I check for broken buttons in Display Studio?

Use the button verification tool to identify buttons that could be missing content,  zones, or include scripts.

Keeping your Display Studio buttons organized matters. Event operators want to confidently click on their buttons with the expectation that the scripts written inside will respond as planned. However, during the busy season, it is easy accumulate extra buttons as new concepts are tested.

The solution is to use the Display Studio’s button verification tool to scan for broken or unresponsive scripts. This tool searches for scripts that are broken due to missing or misnamed files, missing zones or missing include scripts. The verification tool will highlight broken buttons and give operators the option to fix or remove the button. It can be run prior to a game or as often as you would like.

Events will run smoother with a well organized Display Studio workspace that is free of broken buttons. Get started by following these instructions: How do I check for broken buttons in Display Studio? The program requirements for this feature are Show Control version 2.7 or later and DMP-8000 7.32​ or later.

Interested in an update?

If you would like assistance with updates and adding new elements to your show, visit our Professional Services Site to submit your contact information.

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