Now Is the Time to Upgrade

Is it time for your customers to update their LED Display? Daktronics can help.

Are your customers’ LED displays starting to show some wear or looking outdated? Your customers already know using a digital display is one of the most effective forms of advertising. But making sure their sign stays up-to-date is also important to their brand’s image.

An old LED sign can lose audience interest if it has:

  • Dated graphics
  • Faded color
  • Stale messages
  • Low resolution

An updated LED sign will reattract the audience’s attention, making it an effective advertising medium once again.


Other benefits of an update for your customers are:

Reduced power bills. An upgraded sign will use less energy to light than an older model. New displays have highly efficient LEDs that give vivid, bright colors without needing so much power. Cut costs on energy while increasing efficiency of advertisements.

Easy access to control. New LED systems allow control of the display content from anywhere. Sign users can use any device to connect and change graphics or schedules. The easy-to-use system makes drawing customers in that much more simple.

Higher resolution. Newer models of LED displays have higher image quality to make graphics crisp, bright and attractive to viewers. As technology develops, resolution continues to improve.

Professional content. Updating graphics and images with a sign is the best way to make everything look current. Our technology comes with even more professionally-created content than before. These new content pieces will take ads to the next level and draw in new customers. Our content packages are unmatched by any other LED manufacturer.

Is it time for your customers to update? Reach out to your Daktronics sales representative today to receive a list of your customers with aging technology. We’ll help you put together a plan to reach out to them.

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