Get In The Game With This Exclusive Data Package From Daktronics

Take advantage of our Professional Football templates and adjust the data as you’d like, to fit your individual needs.

Daktronics is excited to offer you our new NFL data package. Revitalize interest from your current customers and reach new ones with this unique offering.

The package, offered only to Daktronics customers, includes custom content templates and real-time data feed for all 266 regular season and playoff games. On game day, you can choose to show data from any live professional football game including: Game Scores, Game Time, Current Quarter, Team Names and Logos.

NFL Data Feeds

This NFL data package brings you, the display owner, many advantages besides keeping people up-to-speed with the scores. You can reach new potential customers and generate additional revenue by offering unique promotions on gameday or based on game results.

Take advantage of our templates and adjust the data as you’d like, to fit your individual needs.

Real-time data feeds provide a way to interact with passersby, while drawing in new customers.

Daktronics will help get your displays ready to go with feeds and templates.

Want to learn more about pricing options and details of this NFL data package? Fill out this form and a Daktronics sales representative will be in touch.

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