Thinking Outside The Video Board Box

Venues today are thinking outside the traditional box-shaped LED video board design and transforming video technology into customized shaped-displays.

As sporting venues continue to push the innovative envelope in creating unprecedented and revolutionary designs for the architecture of the building, they also look to include unique designs for the amenities associated with the venues.

Over the past year, we’ve seen the creativity of design in major league sports venues spread to the video boards as well. Venues today are thinking outside the traditional box-shaped LED video board design and transforming video technology into custom-shaped displays including curves, ellipsis and landscape designs.


Most recently, the Colorado Rockies installed a logo-inspired shape to the top of their main video board. The mountainscape design features a jagged-edged top that helps build the brand of the team. In addition, the Rockies also incorporated a unique aspect by lighting up the “ROCKIES” channel lettering above the video board with LEDs.


Perhaps the now most recognized video board in all of sports, the Halo board at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, is a 61,900-square-foot elliptical-shaped engineering feat that is the largest video scoreboard in the world. While in the design phase, our design and structural teams worked closely with Mercedes-Benz Stadium to collaborate and refine abstract video board shapes and concepts into feasible, attainable designs.


Thinking outside the box of standard digital signage shapes and sizes, the idea to create a revolutionary display to the size and scale never seen before in facility design was born. Mercedes-Benz Stadium also showcases an 70-foot wide tapered and curved 4-millimeter display at the main entrance.

Daktronics is in a league of their own. We selected to work with them because of their dependability known throughout the industry as well as the creativity they bring in crafting something that has never been done.                                                                 – Rich McKay, Atlanta Falcons President & CEO


Speaking of Halo displays, the Los Angeles Angels provided an LED upgrade to their Halo marquee display by also implementing customized-shaped cabinet designs. The Angels are also the first to install seamless LED corner wraps to the edges of a main video board.


Prior to last NFL season, the Detroit Lions incorporated LED technology onto stadium structural support columns. The two super columns feature curved cylinder-shaped 6-millimeter displays measuring more than 60 feet tall. Fitting these curved displays along the architectural areas of Ford Field brings static spaces to life to engage and inform fans as well as provide new sponsorship opportunities for additional revenue generation for the Lions.


Last season at the FedExForum in Memphis, the Grizzlies installed a new centerhung that features a single, continuous screen wrapping around the corners of the centerhung structure. These curved corners are an innovative visual element that allows the Grizzlies to incorporate unique engagement opportunities at the arena.

Over the past year, we have helped to create many “firsts” and uniquely-shaped displays at major league sports venues. We look forward to the next innovative concept and engineering challenge as venues, as well as everyone here at Daktronics, continue to think outside the typical LED box-shape design with video boards.

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