Professional Services Brings Bigger Experience to Texas

Daktronics Professional Services helped bring a bigger experience to the University of Texas (because everything is bigger in Texas)!

With a newly installed display shortly before their upcoming basketball season, the University of Texas Longhorns production team found themselves in a tough position. They needed to develop new content for the display and a cohesive look across auxiliary displays with different sizing, all with the upcoming season just around the corner. While the university’s experienced production team had created their own content in the past, they were up against a tight timeline. They were also pushing for more advanced content that included an animated team mascot. Moreover, the team was looking for guidance on how to fully maximize their system. Having purchased Daktronics displays for venues across campus, the Longhorns looked to the company’s creative services team to advise on how to best approach these challenges.

The Daktronics Professional Services team met with the University of Texas to better understand their needs and share examples of solutions they had provided for other teams. The collaboration process began with a discussion about how content would be organized to play on all displays to overcome concerns with the current layout, as well as what content was needed.

With both creative and technical minds from Daktronics, the Professional Services team was able to readily offer creative ideas and the knowledge needed to seamlessly implement the updates to improve both content development as well as their production workflow. With experience creating content under tight timelines, the Daktronics team worked diligently prior to the season to design engaging prompts and unique display layouts.

Working as an extension of their team by designing templated work built for easy modifications, the Longhorns knew that Daktronics would be the trusted partner they needed to achieve their goals. Additionally, Daktronics provided insight on best practices for collaboration with partners that were creating their own content.

Through this collaboration, the Longhorns production team was able to spend significantly less time on content and focus more on other projects. The Creative Services content package took full advantage of the 360-degree fascia, creating a consistent look across all displays. Using the display space in this way created more immersive moments to emphasize the success of the team on the court.

Check out a highlight reel of the work our Creative Services team did at the University of Texas!



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