Hurricane Preparation and Service for Your Display

We know you don’t need to be told that hurricanes can cause massive damage and your safety should be your number one priority. But to help you prepare for this type of natural disaster, here are a few best practices regarding your LED displays.

  1. Power down your display and control system.
  2. Power down your Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) or computer and unplug it from the power supply or wall outlet.
  3. Power down any other communication equipment that is part of your Daktronics system.
  4. Turn off all main breakers supplying the display with power.
  5. For digital billboards, turn off all breakers in each display section except the fan breaker.
  6. Protect your valuable content: Back up content and data to an external drive.

NOTE: Do not cover the display as it could cause damage to the LEDs or louvers on the face of the display.

While, Daktronics displays and audio systems are extensively tested to withstand outdoor conditions, events like extreme weather, lightning damage, power surges and other accidents occasionally damage Daktronics equipment. These types of issues are typically covered under the insurance plan of the display owner, however we will be here to help you through the process.

  1. Initial Assessments – The Daktronics Technical Support team will assist with remote troubleshooting to identify any initial damage prior to on-site service.
  2. On-site Service – To evaluate damage, on-site service will be scheduled. The evaluation will identify what components may be damaged and what repairs are advised.
  3. Repair or Replacement Quotes – Quotes will be provided within one week upon receiving pictures of damage or upon completion of an on-site evaluation.

View our complete Extreme Weather Service Guide for more detailed information.

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