Building on Image: Crafted for Quality

What’s your IQ? Take our quiz to see if you’re an image quality expert at

Are your digital displays Crafted for Quality? In a growing Out of home industry (applause), chances are your digital displays may face increasing competition in the coming years. Make sure your technology is crafted to meet your advertiser’s brand expectations today and in 10 years.

Daktronics digital billboard displays have the sharpest colors and definition on the market. This is because our displays absorb the most sunlight to create the deepest black available, which make colors pop.

As simple as black and white

One feature that makes our displays stand out, both to the competition and to the audience, is our matte black module coating. The matte finish reduces glare from sunlight and enhances the colors of the LEDs.

Display contrast is a critical feature for high quality digital billboards. Contrast is the ratio of the luminance of the brightest color (white) to that of the darkest color (black) that the display is capable of producing. Visually, we are more sensitive to contrast than illumination. Therefore, our coated modules help colors appear richer and brighter for a stunning digital outcome.

Our displays already have such great contrast, you won’t need to use as much energy to keep LEDs bright. Just like a lightbulb seems brighter in a dark room than in a room filled with light already, our displays naturally seem brighter, so you can save money and energy.

Withstand the elements

Our angled louvers are strategically placed to keep sunlight from fading colors and eliminate glare. Your digital billboard will be brilliant, rain or shine, and so will your customers’ satisfaction.

Stay true to brand

Colors are one of the defining characteristics of most brands. If those colors aren’t represented well in the advertising, the brand isn’t represented well in the advertising. Daktronics digital billboards have the perfect amount of contrast to make colors as rich and bright as they’re intended to be.


Contrast makes a difference in effective campaigns. Faded colors or hard-to-read text won’t sell a product the way a clear, bright image on a Daktronics digital display will.

What’s your IQ? Take our quiz to see if you’re an image quality expert at Daktronics has spent 50 years perfecting our display IQ to provide you with the best display options for your customers.


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