Daktronics Introduces New 10 mm Galaxy Model

The Galaxy GT6 was unveiled during Sales Expo 2018 at the Daktronics headquarters in Brookings, S.D. and is now available for purchase

Daktronics is proud to announce our newest Galaxy display model, the Galaxy GT6 10 mm SMD. Our new product will combine the benefits of the GS6 cabinet and DVX-1830 pixel pitch to offer customers a reliable, high-resolution display with simple installation and service accessibility.

The 10 mm pixel pitch compliments our 15.85, 19.8 and 26.4 mm pixel pitch options to give customers an option for even higher quality images. The tight pixel spacing, alongside our sharp contrast, will make images stand out clearer than ever, even in direct sunlight.

Customers looking to stand out from surrounding digital signs in their area will be attracted to the 10 mm pixel pitch option. In regions where signage square footage is restricted, a 10 mm’s resolution makes a digital display possible for customers who were not able to take advantage of an LED sign in the past.

The Galaxy GT6 10 mm is equipped with Venus Control Suite cloud-based software, just like the GS6, for secure display management from any device.

Add the Daktronics-Verizon lifetime data cellular communication option for a reliable, secure connection on a virtual private network. The 4G data transmission keeps your display data safe without worrying about data limits or monthly fees.

Galaxy GT6 Benefits:

  • Sleek, aesthetic cabinet
  • Front ventilation to keep the display and its components cool
  • Mounting clips like the GS6
  • Single Section cabinet for easy installation
  • Sealed components for improved dependability
  • Quick connects for plug-and-play capability
  • Redundant data signal to maintain message readability
  • Single-step module removal for easy service

The Galaxy GT6 was unveiled during Sales Expo 2018 at the Daktronics headquarters in Brookings, S.D. and is now available for purchase. Shipments will begin in November.

For more information, contact your Daktronics sales representative or visit Daktronics.com/GalaxyGT6 for product specifications.

To learn more about our Galaxy products, check out our brochure.


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