Memory Matchup: Getting Fans in the Game

As a child, you likely spent time playing card games like memory or the matchup game, turning a deck of cards face down and attempting to turn over matching cards with each new turn. Recently, our Creative Services team decided to bring back those fond memories and feelings of nostalgia by creating a version of this game perfect for use on video displays!

The University of Iowa implemented this memory game into their volleyball production, giving the contestant a few seconds to view four sets of cards containing matching emojis on the display. The card sets were then flipped over and the contestant was given three chances to select three matches, with a little help from the crowd.

Video Still .jpg

“The matchup game is a great new addition to game-day,” said Trisha Stortz, Associate Director of Motion Design & Video Board Operations at the University of Iowa. “I love that we are able to customize it ourselves and make it work for any event or theme.  I’m looking forward to utilizing it more and seeing all of the possibilities.”

James Madison University also had the chance to implement the game during volleyball this season, but with a twist. Contestants were not able to view the cards before the game began, and instead used up to six guesses to find the matches. Katie Windham, event producer at James Madison University, was surprised by how quickly it could be implemented.

“It was crazy easy to swap out the templated photos in the game for our own images,” said Windham. “I just dropped in my photo, resized it and saved the file. It took me 20-30 minutes to set up the game for the first time.”

Emojis aren’t the only thing contestants are challenged to match. The easily adjustable background colors and card graphics make for endless possibilities, so teams never have to run the same game twice.

“We typically play a crowd game during volleyball called Guess That Baby Duke,” explained Windham. “The crowd is shown a baby photo of one of the athletes and they have to guess who the player is. We had a couple of extra baby photos, so we decided to use them in the matching game, along with a few actions shots from previous volleyball games. It worked out great and was really well received by the crowd.”

Interested in purchasing this or other interactive games? Contact our Creative Services team today!

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