Support Made Simple With Daktronics MySupport

Our service team wants to ensure you take full advantage the service we offer by simplifying the process. With Daktronics MySupport, you can do just that.

At Daktronics, we strive to make service as simple as possible for all customers. Through MySupport, you have access to site-specific service information at your fingertips. By using MySupport for your service needs, you can quickly and easily:

Request Service – Once you are logged into your MySupport account, create a new service case. You can then provide direction on the service and site that need attention. Our team will coordinate the service and reach out to you with the details you need to know.

Order Parts – Detail the parts you need along with the quantity needed in your service case. Our team will ensure you get what you need!

Schedule a callback or follow-up communication – Skip the phone call! In your service case, detail when and how you would like to be contacted back by our team.

Access MySupport

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