Displaying Current Weather on Your Galaxy Display

I once heard someone say that if the temperature was less than her age, she was not leaving the house. Here in South Dakota, we are closing in on some of those type of days faster than most of us want.

But this topic brings to mind displaying the temperature on your Daktronics display.  Displaying the time and/or temperature on your display gives your customers a reason to glance up to see your message.

Many times, customers will ask if they have a temp sensor on their display, so I thought I would first point out what to look for if you are not sure. Temp sensors have been described to me as “about the size of a pop can” or “looks like a small beehive.”  Although descriptive, those don’t really tell me what to look for. Below is a picture of the temp sensor that may have been part of your display purchase.  If you have one of these hanging below or next to your display, then you may run a message using the temperature reading from the temp sensor.

To create a message using the temp sensor readings, follow this article for step by step instructions:  How do I create a Time, Temp, Date message in Content Studio?

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