Don’t Forget About This Exciting New Training Blog Feature

Our Venus Control Suite Software Trainers have added a new blog feature, vlogs. Don’t miss out on these great videos!

Have you enjoyed all the information, tips and tricks we pack into our Venus Control Suite and training blog posts? Well, here’s a new feature you’ll love.

In October, the Software Training team launched their first Venus® Control Suite vlog. No, it’s not a typo! “Vlog” stands for a “video blog post.”

Topics already include:

  • Venus Control Suite Basics
  • Using Images
  • Finding and Downloading Great Looking Display Content
  • Media Library

Be sure to share the vlogs with your customers. We’d love to hear back from you! We welcome your comments and suggestions.

*Foer, Laura. “Five Reasons People Are Wired for Visual Marketing,” MarketingProfs, February 26, 2018.

  1. We suggest never using web presentation to our end users as it constantly freezes up the display. Also tagging has taken off like return tickets on the Titanic. I do like the additional free content we can now better compete with Watchfire’s extensive graphic library.


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