Thanksgiving, Football & Daktronics Displays

Enjoy some NFL football on Thanksgiving Day supported by Daktronics LED video boards at Ford Field.

They all seem to go hand in hand. As many of you probably know, there’s football played on Thanksgiving Day every year. It’s been a Thanksgiving staple ever since the early years of professional football, even before the NFL existed in its current form.

Today’s tradition can be traced back to the first owner of the current Detroit Lions. It might have started as a gimmick to get people to watch some football, but the owner’s connection to an NBC-affiliated radio station garnered their games live broadcasts across the network back in the 1930s. The affiliation allowed the tradition a chance to catch on with fans and to eventually be embraced.

The tradition has continued and grown into the three nationally-televised games that are currently taking place every year. And, ever since the construction of Ford Field, Daktronics LED technology has been used during every nationally televised Thanksgiving Day game hosted by the Lions. They’re guaranteed a home game on Thanksgiving every year, along with the Dallas Cowboys. A third game played in the evening is flexible to NFL scheduling.

After renovations in 2017, Ford Field boasts new displays throughout the venue including main end zone displays and two unique super column displays wrapped with LED technology in two corners of the stadium. Hear what the Lions had to say about the project:

As you fill your stomach with turkey and stuffing and settle into the couch or your favorite recliner to watch some football, Daktronics displays will most likely be shown during the broadcast. And, if you’re at the stadium, you’ll get the best experience firsthand!

It’s not just the displays themselves as our Creative Services team produced digital content to bring life and light to the technology in 2017:

This year, the Lions host the Chicago Bears in the early game at 12:30pm ET. If you’re thinking that it’s shaping up to be a great Thanksgiving, we couldn’t agree more. We hope you enjoy your holiday and enjoy watching some football!

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