Upgrade For Engagement – The Benefits of Keeping Up With Control Systems

When the lights come on for game time, there’s enough on your mind. As a live event production team, the last thing you want to hassle with is your control system. Regularly updating your control system can increase workflow efficiencies and add more features to your fan entertainment toolbelt, so you’re ready to give your fans the best experience during the event.

Why does Daktronics recommend upgrading your control system?

There is a multitude of reasons why you should consider upgrading your control system. Below are a few key reasons a new control system should be considered.

Increased Reliability

As years go by, technology advances and your control system ages. Just like any other computer, the older your system gets, the more prone it becomes to having issues. Upgrading your control system periodically ensures that you remain on current technology that continues to be supported by Daktronics for years to come.

New Features and Functionality

As we develop new versions and models of our control devices, new features and functionality are added. What we are able to achieve with today’s technology versus technology from just a few years ago can add quite an impact in your presentation. Whether it is the ability to output audio with a DMP-8000, using multiple layers of overlaid content for a broadcast type look, adding transitions for content or enhancing your presentation with our new Data Effects, a periodic control system upgrade can help keep you at the forefront of in-venue production.

More Efficient Workflow

Compared to our Venus 7000 control system, our current DMP-8000 and Show Control systems have a far more efficient workflow. With expanded support for more file types, you can speed up your render times and save hard drive space by using MP4s versus AVIs. Even loading content and scripting buttons in Show Control can save time versus the Venus 7000. Overall, Show Control is more user-friendly and efficient than control systems of the past.

When does Daktronics recommend upgrading a control system?

Daktronics recommends considering an upgrade at the 5-year mark. Your display still has plenty of life left in it, but your control system technology may begin to fall behind. With an upgrade, you can give your display a new look with new features that will continue to engage your audience.

Who should I talk to if I am interested in a control system upgrade?

Every Daktronics system is custom to your venue. If you are interested in a control system upgrade, reach out to your regional Applications Engineer for more information or contact our Professional Services team.


Written by guest blogger, Eric Edens, Daktronics Applications Engineer.

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