Allianz Field Spreads Holiday Cheer with Video Displays

Allianz Field collaborates with Daktronics Creative Services to create an unforgettable holiday light show using the stadium displays.

When the holidays came along, and new displays were being commissioned at Allianz Field, the production team got a creative spark to sync seasonal content on all their displays with a well-known holiday tune. Daktronics Account Manager, Brett Hansen, and Digital Artist, Myron Blocksome, played key roles in producing a festive light show for Minnesota United FC just in time for the holidays.

When he was approached about this project, Myron said he was excited for the challenge, “I always enjoy doing content that is out of the ordinary. When you get a chance to do something like this, it’s always really awesome.”

Daktronics Creative Services had to work closely with Minnesota United, asking many questions to better understand how they planned to do the filming and production of the light show.

“When they explained that they wanted to film the displays from inside the stadium versus outside, we knew we would need to focus more on the details within the content,” explained Brett.

The Daktronics creative team was able to help Minnesota United visualize how the content would look on each display by using a video conceptual, something the artists do regularly for customers with new installations. The video provides the customer with visibility of the content on each display timed with the music.

Snapshot of the video conceptual provided to Minnesota United.

Not only did this conceptual allow the team to get a better idea of how the final product would appear, this format also helped the digital artist better time the content on each display and make it look cohesive.

Overall, several days of content creation work went into the project that sent content across 11 displays throughout the stadium to create the dynamic show.

“Anyone can take highlight videos, overlay a cool song and play it,” said Brett. “We pride ourselves in going the extra step to make sure the music is timed perfectly with the content to create that big effect and those impactful moments.”

What was the result of this collaboration? The viral social video you see below. Needless to say, the production was a great gift for all fans this holiday season.

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