New Year, New Gear

2018 has faded away and the New Year is upon us. However, the celebration’s not over just yet at Daktronics. While we won’t be shooting off fireworks, we are toasting a new round of products and capabilities we are introducing to the market in 2019.

Grab your coffee and let’s dive right in to what’s new.

Mobile Scoring Control Options
If you have a fixed digit scoreboard, the DAK Score Mobile Scoring app was made for you. Its intuitive design was built to be as accommodating as possible for the user. Instead of being tied to a press box, scorers can enjoy the view from any seat in the house.

Put scorers at ease with technology in their hand that they’re used to, their own phone. Whether it’s Little League or district playoffs, operators can rest assured the app is built for every level of play. Find out which models are applicable and how to download it here.

Go Digital Scoreboard Replacement
Use your existing scoreboard structure and replace the board with a cost-effective dynamic video solution. This allows you to save money on installation costs, affording the lowest possible investment while driving revenue for your school. Read more about the possibilities here.

Why should you consider upgrading? Your fans. They come to games to be entertained. While the action on the field or track is the main event, their eyes are also glued to the score. Entertain them during time outs, halftime and pump up the crowd with cheers, messaging supporting local businesses and sponsors and student highlights.

Consider another benefit of an upgraded system: student-run productions. Whether an extracurricular or class time, giving students an opportunity to learn the ropes of digital production expands their creative outlets and provides real-life work experience. The display itself showcases their accomplishments.

10 and 15-millimeter Surface Mount Display (SMD) Outdoor Video
Now that you’re convinced to upgrade how you control your video, check out our new tighter resolution displays. Our 10 and 15-millimeter options enhance your look and generate revenue at the same time. Higher-resolution videos help reinforce school branding and spirit with eye-catching videos that pop with color and bring a fresh wave of school spirit. If live video feeds are your practice, imagine how much clearer players and fan faces would appear on the screen!

Deliver the best sporting entertainment possible and boost community pride with a display that’s sure to capture sponsor attention with image quality like never before.

Stay current with a trendsetting video system with unmatched display lifetime. Students gain valuable skills operating and managing content for their display. This affords non-student athletes an excellent way to get involved in school events and contribute while learning about teamwork.

Social Media Integration
Connect fan experiences with your video display in real time! Fans share their experiences and join together to support the team with good sportsmanship.
With our software you get a major-league experience for a modest budget. As easy to use as a Smart Button, the feed’s intuitive design requires little practice to master by moderating posts from your phone or laptop. This modern outlet is sure to get attendees talking.

Mobile Light Show

While everyone has their devices out for social media, branch out into a newer idea to the market: mobile lights shows. They’re, well, lighting up the market. Almost everyone has a mobile device in their hands these days. Why not use them to be part of the experience? Whether it’s a basketball game, a speaker or part of a theatrical performance, synchronize devices to light up at key moments for an interactive experience.

Light isn’t the only part of the show. Mobile speaker audio levels are automatically adjusted to rise and fall with the event’s swell of activity. Fans can even synchronize their device to facility video boards to have a close-up view of the content.

Photo sharing is also synced for a social experience. Users are directed to online merchandise and coupons available.

Curriculum Packages
Give students a chance to funnel their energy and creative pursuits with an exciting new addition to their education, digital video boards!

Schools easily tie the new Daktronics-created curriculum for learners into the classroom or an extracurricular with valuable, real-world experience. A perfect fit for Career and Technical Education (CTE) learning, students now have a new platform to showcase their creative efforts.

The course comes with a syllabus and is designed to introduce learners to video board production and the basic features of Daktronics control system equipment and software language. Dive deeper into display operations, the All Sport control console, Show Control, Content Studio and DakStats for a full experience. Remember, these have all been designed to be simple, user-friendly features for operators.

Event planning, in-game operation, fan enhancements and more round out the experience. Students soar with new and exciting challenges with a reignited passion for learning. Typical assignments include producing school spirit-related game day content, working with the community and sponsors to create sponsor-related content and working with the equipment directly during events.

A fun blend of academic and technical skill sets, training and knowledge earned along the way, the experience sets students up for success in future careers and fuels a lifelong fire for learning.

Campus Communications
Bring the entertainment from the court or field to your students inside with campus-wide communications. We have you covered, no matter what the location! LCDs are a great way to share messages across your campus, whether that be school- or district-wide. However, managing them can be a tedious, time-consuming process. ADFLOW Networks is the solution.
A scalable, web-based software provides a seamless experience for users by bringing each LCD into one spot to manage, while still affording customization for each location. ADFLOW handles hardware installation, training, and support so you can focus on the business at hand. You don’t need to bring your IT crew on board.

Schedule what messages you’d like to play during school hours to keep students informed and then schedule content to run during the evening for your big event to promote your sponsors, make announcements, run social media feeds, capture concessions interest or keep fans looped into a live feed and more.

A recent statistic showed that 97% of students said they prefer to receive digital communications. Meet your students where they’re comfortable.

Tribute walls are a sleek, minimum maintenance way to showcase student talent and school records with little upkeep. The choices are endless. Grab a seat at your computer, edit on the fly or schedule content for the hours of your choosing and let ADFLOW handle the rest behind the scenes — simple.

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