Daktronics Creativity Flows as Patriots Roll in Playoffs

In 2016, the New England Patriots decided to update the content for their LED displays at Gillette Stadium, which featured multiple technologies and pixel pitches. A unique “lighthouse” display in one end zone required special content considerations to ensure it translated on the display correctly. In addition, integration of all of these displays and technologies was necessary to bring the content elements together in a way that engaged fans and met production expectations for this championship-caliber football team.

Our Creative Services team started conversations in 2016 with the Patriots and through those discussions produced and delivered a handful of elements that demonstrated the type of content the Patriots were looking for. Based on this work, the team reached out to Daktronics for additional content that would span all of their displays. Our Creative Services team supported them throughout the 2016 playoffs and championship victory. Deliverables included not only traditional game-day elements but also new and entertaining content for the uniquely-shaped lighthouse display.

In addition, the Daktronics Professional Services team was involved to help integrate multiple technologies including Daktronics equipment and third-party displays into one seamless production. The effort consolidated two control interfaces into one easy-to-use Daktronics Show Control System. This shift allowed their team to increase their display flexibility for content from fantasy stats to game-day data to social media. It provided the opportunity to have appropriate staffing and capabilities for displays to enhance every event from professional football to special corporate events in club areas.

After their championship victory, the relationship has continued with Creative Services creating a content package for the New England Revolution, who also play at Gillette Stadium, as well as creating a brand new content package for the Patriots heading into the 2017 football season and the 2018 playoffs.

In addition, their team continually relies on Daktronics for yearly service agreements as well as regularly adding new capabilities and control features both inside and outside of the stadium. Daktronics Professional and Creative Services demonstrated the value of their expertise and collaboration. Creating quality content is very important, but having the understanding and resources to help implement both the content and control system in a way that creates efficiencies for the team and maximizes the display real estate is a must.

View the Patriots project highlight here.

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