What’s New for Baseball in 2019?

Here is what to expect for the 2019 baseball season: 

New Daktronics MLB OOT (Out of Town) Scores Interface

Our NEW OOT Scores Interface will soon be available as a replacement for Sports Wire 4000. This new software:

  • Uses BAM’S latest API’s for the source of the data, making it more reliable and accurate.
  • Is built with the latest developer tools and technology, allowing for easier enhancements and implementation of feature requests.
Data Effects

Our new data effects feature makes it simpler than ever before to draw your fans’ attention to data with broadcast-like effects, including roll, fade, flip, flash and color change. With this new feature, you can:

  • Change the appearance of a data field based on an external trigger (examples: team scores a point, new player up at bat, etc).
  • Draw attention to the change to provide a more “broadcast-like” feel to the show. The data field stays in the same location on the presentation or layout with the effect occurring in that given field space.
  • Access through Content Studio, which makes it simple to add these data effects to your show and make changes to effects on the fly.
  • Learn more about this feature by watching this video:
Other Changes

Check out all our posts on new features and upgradable items here. 

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